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Polled Fleckvieh
100% SA Fleckvieh
Polled Fullblood
Homozygous Polled Fleckvieh
AR - Red Angus
AN - Angus
P SM - Polled Simmental
Multi Breed Stabilizers (Polled)

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Other Bulls Available
- FF
- SM
- Polled Black Purebred
- Polled Red Purebred
- Angus & Stabilizers
- SB-Domestic Simmental Polled Blacks

2013 Catalogue
Polled 100% Fleckvieh

BAR 5 P SA Evolution-Poena 418S

BAR 5 PSA Eltorro 814S

BAR 5 PSA Essential 413U

BAR 5 P SA Expert 826M

BAR 5 FF Harmon 1202Y

BAR 5 PSA Energy 804X


100% SA Fleckvieh

Bar 5 SA Bigolo 402A

BAR 5 FF Hexagon 412Y

BAR 5 SA Brits 803Y

BAR 5 SA Harrach 801P

BAR 5 SA Piona 04 817N

BAR 5 SA Stimulation 415P

BAR 5 SA Stride 413P

BAR 5 SA Mario 801X

BAR 5 SA Gong 459P

BAR 5 SA Benz 415L

BAR 5 SA Kaptain 427R

BAR 5 SA Pfalzer 802M

BAR 5 SA Pfidelity 424R

BAR 5 SA Burner 825R

BAR 5 SA Prafekt 450P

BAR 5 SA Kermet 821N

BAR 5 SA Houdini 402R

BAR 5 SA Hold 407N

BAR 5 SA Bentley 431R

BAR 5 SA Hulkster 855R

BAR 5 SA Joe 412P

RPH P10 First Choice

BAR 5 SA Metexax 804M

BHR SA Streik M877E

BAR 5 PSA Globe 401Y

RPF Polled Right Time
Polled Fullblood

BAR 5 JNR Gravity 1502U
Homozygous Polled Fleckvieh

Gibbons Expersise 33U

BAR 5 PFF Luke 1215X
AR - Red Angus

BAR 5 AR Dominator 256R

BAR 5 AR Dynamite 252R

BAR 5 AR Warehouse 244R

Red Gold-BAR Mercedes K 116M

LCC Saskatoon 777L
Power Red Angus

BAR 5 AR Warehouse 244R

Champlain Serenade 5513P
AN - Angus

G A R All Around

LCC Few Dollars More 013N

BAR 5 AN Prime Design 3218S
P SM Polled Simmental

HRC Fire Power 42N

Stoney SideKick 13N

BAR 5 SA Glover 854T
Multi Breed Stabilizers (Polled)

RDDS SX2 Prototype 1541P

LCoC PowerBall N143N

Optimizer 461P
Other Bulls Available

BAR 5 Bernheim 405H

BAR 5 SA Hero 823M

BAR 5 Ibbaroo 405J

BAR 5 SA Beaumont 413N

BAR 5 SA Evan 440L

BAR 5 SA MR Powerful 422M

BAR 5 SA Pioneer 439L

BAR 5 SA Prevan 437L

BAR 5 Vuurslag 420K

BAR 5 Kalgery 402J

BAR 5 SA Mr Optimal 447L

BHL Mr Regent 3H

MFL Whistler 27L

IPU Bronson 19


BAR 5 Mr Eisenherz 405K
      BAR 5 Landmark 604Z
      BAR 5 Mr Best 275F
      BAR 5 MVP 402Y
BAR 5 Stallone 254E
Bold Arnold
Cet Extra Best 87K
Chalford Xenon
Detroit Red 803D
MF Rocket City 147F
Richmond Mr Thunder 13D

Harkway Enforcer 16Y

BAR 5 Paymaster 1334D
Limited Semen!!

Western Pol 91J

Richwood Bruno 809G
Polled Black Purebred Polled Red Purebred

Stoughs Legacy K02

3C Redman 660M

DS Red Lite 29J

PVF Red Sunset 800H

Angus & Stabilizers SB-Domestic Simmental Polled Blacks

RED BJR AH Branded Beef L107

Benchmark Survivor 545

Prime Maker 889M
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