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BHR SA Streik M877E



Reg # 2194141 Tatoo: BHR M877E
Ultrasound Data: IMF: 1.13 REA: 11.18 REA/CWT: 1.12  
Weight/Frame: /6.5 = lbs. - per frame unit.

Association Database Information

Distributed for: Circle 3 Genetics
Owned by: Bar 5 Stock Farms Ltd. & Casa Branca, Brazi.
Registration no.: Applied for USA 2194141 Stud Code: Pending
Born: Nov 8/02 BW: 95 lbs.
205: 687 lbs. 365: 1105 lbs.
SC: 32.5 cm FS: 6.5
Carcass: REA 11.8 Fat: 0.05 Marbling: 1.13%
REA/100Wt: 1.12 Density: 170
Price: $50.00/straw - 30 + $40.00/straw

Well, we bought this muscled up power bull in partnership with Casa Branca Agro., Paulo Marques, BHR power cow, Lady Susi,  ........the bull is in stud now in New Mexico and semen will be out in the fall of 2004, look for him to be added to the Circle 3 program world wide !!!!

Look at his dam, The S cows of Congosim & main cow line of the BHR program. We bought some embryos from Double Bar D and now this rascal, so we will add a little Susi to the Bar 5 SA program. The Petal cows back up the Doorn bull, some pretty darn good cows. So why did we buy him? Cow power with more Cow Power with some interesting Top Line S Sire gene lines. Time will tell, but this guy will add to the Beef Fleckvieh gene pool in our &more options from the Bar 5 SA program.

Of the 4 full brothers in the BHR May 2004 Spring Sale, catalogued, M 877 had the only REA/100CWT: 12.5/1105 = 1.08, and the highest over all ribeye. He had the second highest marbling - indicating he is a natural meat machine !! He had the lowest performance of the 4 full brothers, the best carcass values - so we imagine he had a low milking Recip mom - and still put up the carcass !!

Image #GW 17-1976-0048

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