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Stoney Sidekick 13N

   Lchman Lucky Buck 7049C
Sire: GW Lucky Dice 187H

   MCC Sweepstakes 126G
Dam: RRL Chocolate Rose 36K
   RRL Rose 24H

Owned by:
Doug McCormack, River Lane Acres, ON

BW: 79
AYW: 1526
Act. DENSITY: 276
WPDA: 3.60
REA/100: 1.05
AWW: 755
EOT: 1462
FRAME: 6.5
FAT: 10
WI: 91
Adj. DENSITY: 235
RIB EYE: 15.4

January 12, 2003 - CSA #: PBG596928 - Stud Code: 114SM0662
EOT: Feb. 18/04

Top 10% for CE & 3% for Marbling in both BIO & CSA!! The highest scanned IMF Black Simmie we know!!

Sire Line: Lchman Lucky Buck 7049C (Sultan S Lines of Austria) Cow Family: Rose Cows of Alberta - owned by Lundago Cattle Co.

The Black gene bull with Breed Leading Calving Ease, Index and Carcass data to back him up!! Sidekick came off test with smoking numbers, and has sired some of the best calves at River Lane ever. He was grand Champion Bull at the 2005 NABC. A calving ease bull that will add marbling and is above average for growth.

Genetics - Seigfried line genes from Austria, thru the Lucky Buck bull has risen to the most used Black sire line in the breed and has posted marbling, marbling and more marbling. Did we mention we think marbling is important?

Info - Top 10% in all traits in both BIO & CSA, except milk. Top 3% within breed for milk, CSA too!! Sidekick has a moderate birth weight, top 1% BW EPD and has lots of growth, easy finishing and high marbling from him.

Eye appeal - Grand Champion Bull at the 2005 NABC. He is impressive, balanced and well made, very correct. Good footed. Moderate framed and thick! Solid black.
Possibly Homozygous Polled, Double Polled Heterozygous Black Purebred, Non-diluter, non-spotted.

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