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IPU Bronson 19K

Sire: PRL Houston 005H
    Ms PRL Nite-Anchor 109B

Dam: Dora Lee Franchesca
    Dora Lee Fraline

January 20, 2000 - CSA #: 543069 - Stud Code: 28SM0696
CSA Association Database Information

Owned by:
Dale Murray, Murray Farms Inc., MB & Harry Satchwell, Virginia Ranch, AB
BW: 88
AYW: 1341
AWW: 874
$21,500 High seller & His Daughters were awesome at Calgary 2005!
He has Density - a natural calf of Franchesca!!

Sire Line: Romulus R - Germany
Cow Family: S cows of Germany, renamed at Knights & CET

He sold for $21,500 and what a chunk! He is catalogued here without any semen agreement with the owners, you have to buy it from them - we catalogued him because we were impressed by his daughters and sons at the Calgary Fleckvieh Round-UP sale; he is a roommate to Stimulation at Canada's largest Fleckvieh breeder; used at Virginia in Alberta and mothered by a great cow family from Dora Lee with one of Canada's most famous tattoos - what is not to like?

Genetics - ROMULUS R blood top side blood on the S cows of Germany that produced Great Guns bulls such as Moses & Karl - back to the 100F cows of Knight. Bronson is loaded up with the who's who of the North American Fleck industry - Neff, Eder, Bold, Monet, King Arthur, Siegfreid. Mothered by a super producing cow from the herd of one of Canada's leading Simmental breeders who purchased her from one of North America's great cow people, Ross & Betty Small of Dora Lee in Ontario & she too goes back to the S cows of Germany via the Knight 100F cow !!!

Eye appeal - One of the most rugged mature bulls we have ever seen. If want power & that beefy look in your calf crop - he has it in spades. He is walking around with Stimulation, the first bull in this catalogue at MFI - what a sight!! Now that is eye appeal - so a stop in at Murray Farms is a must the summer of 2006!! Located minutes from Neepawa, Manitoba!!! Dale Murray's cell is 204 764-0361!!

Info - Meat & Milk!! CSA top 2% for milk within Breed and Top 4% for Maternal weaning!! Add him to the Red and Black Simmies and Angus based Hybrids for some Fleck maternal power!! 88 lb. birth weight, with a 874 # AWW & a 1341 # AYW - set him in the zone!!! Contact the owners for semen!!!!


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