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G A R All Around S531

    D H D Traveler 6807
Sire: S S Traveler 6807 T510
    S S Miss Hi Spade A114

    G A R Precision 1680
Dam: G A R Precision 419
    G A R 6807 Traveler 836

August 13, 2001 - AAA #: 14081523 CAA #: applied for - Stud Code: 59AN945
Association Database Information

Owned by:
~ Leachman Cattle Company of Colorado, CO, USA & Gardiner Angus Ranch, KS, USA

BW: 62
AYW: 1310
Act. DENSITY: 258
WPDA: 3.59
REA/100: 1.06
AWW: 694
EOT: 1340
FAT: 0.41 inches
WI: 113
RIB EYE: 13.4

6807 on 1680!! Two of the Big 5 of AN; Gardiner Angus bred with Low Frame & Powerful Pedigree!!

Sire Line: 6807 - Traveler 23-4 Cow Family: Traveler cows of G A R

G A R is the leading USA breeder of AI sires in the Angus breed and producer of the Power Cows of the Breed. They heavily use 6807, 1680, EXT, 1407 & Maximum. All Around is a proven, tested bull in the USA Angus Industry - look at his owners? The two biggest names in the breed.

Genetics - His dam, 419, is a $19,000 Gardiner bred female that stacks 6807 x Precision. Two of the four maternal dams are Pathfinders in the US's premier Angus herd.

Info - All Around ranks in the top 10% of the breed on $Weaning, $Grid, and $Beef. Here is a bull that gets it done on nearly every trait - and he has the looks and style to keep your herd at the top of the heap phenotypically as well as on growth and carcass.

Eye Appeal - All Around is a T510 son with style and type. He has tremendous hip and quarter.

Use on EXT line cows, Scotch Caps, Rito 2100's, Stockman, Krugerrands, Improvements, Stacker, Ambush, 878's and most all Canadian blood.

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