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Anderland Matias-Poena

        EGMONT 32894/03                
    ELCH 4499/13                
         SALMA 27582361                
SIRE: ELDORADO                

DAM: ANDERLKAND FEMMI               
    ANDERLAND FIEDEL 85              
         FALKE 5285421 A.D.R.E.V. D 75

Tattoo: JEK9827 | Birth Date: Aug 21/98 | Reg.40825911

A Polled 100% Full Fleckvieh !!! Sired by Eldorado and mothered by an Laki cow from an Imported German Mutation Polled cow family. We have calves born at Bar 5 in September 2002 and they are all we were expecting. We are fortunate enough to be very good friends with the owner of this bull, Wyland Van Hammer, who has allowed us to purchase some quaretined semen for use in our transplant program in South Africa. Yes, the power of "E" in a polled package...another first in the Bar 5 SA program.

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