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Dan-Jaco Benz 78



Tattoo: AGI 78K | Birth Date: Nov. 21/78 | Reg.#398126
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The Best female producer in South Africa, milk, meat and smoothness !!!! His full brother, Dan Jaco Benz 5DE (Benz 5) is the sire of Bernheim, so if you want maternal power "B" blood is the place to be. Benz impressed me on all my trips to South Africa, if you see a great calf chances are he is out of a 78 cow. We love 78 and we are proud to offer his genetics thru 415L, our own 78 X Wilfred son.

Eve, his grandmother, is the backbone of our E Elsa & Erika cows, and she is the grandmother of Evan. So, maternal power and proven – In our opinion the best cow maker in the world, that we ow of.. Why do you think we bought Elsa and Erika, besides that Peter Massman told us to, we ew the Eve influence. So, Eve will live on and she should, she was great. Again, if you see a good calf in SA, a good chance it is out of a 78!

This B Bison blood is extinct in Germany, they followed the Burgel line with the Burgel son Bayer, that we all ow as Balu, Balist, a little taller and harder calving than the Bison line. So, this B Bison is the real old 1950’s deal from Germany. Everybody will want a little B Bison, this is the best characteristic of Simmental – Beef cows with milk !!!

Anyway, the entire foundation of SA is built on Benz and Bernheim, and all good ones have a least one shot, then cross on some K Kerl/Ibbie, and some Evan and then some Horex and you have the best of 2002 in South Africa, Super Cow Simlee Andra is this, the Pretoria 2003 Grand Female was Evan on Ibbie on Benz; at Bar 5 we are using a little shot of K Kater thru our use of Kykso Kalger to the E cows, the K’s are not so famous in SA, but we are using it to produce more Erika’s – she may be the best we have found so far – look at her pedigree. Back to B Bison, even Siska has a shot in the back. Anyway our advice, get some B Bison – it is necessary.

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