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Salerika Evan

                MON-BIJOU PATRYS 77
                MON-BIJOU GRIETAPY K467
                MON-BIJOU HANSIE 70
                MON-BIJOU RINSO 58 67

                D ERNTE

Tattoo: CO 501W | Birth Date: Dec. 29/87 | Reg.#415874
CSA Association Database Information

The Great Bull with the bad photo !! Photo here when he was just a calf at Salerika, and never photographed again? Any way, top side he has the Pfalzer P line of muscle power bulls. On the Maternal side, his grandmother is Eve herself, the most prolific cow in South Africa. She is in more pedigrees in SA than any other animal; rivaled only by the old German Imported Benz and then Evan, her son.

Evan is still the sire of Power in SA, the 2003 Grand Champion at Pretoria was an Evan. Some will say that the H Horex is the show dominate bloodline, but it will be many years until H catches up to old Evan, if ever, in the show ring or production side of things. Please note, Elsa is an Evan. Most is Evan.

Evan is a Trait Leader in 4 traits, Calving ease, Weaning, Yearling and Carcass Traits; summed up as a moderate calver with lots of muscle. Add in dark pigmentation and great feet and legs as the transmittable traits of Evan. So, here he is a cornerstone in the Bar 5 SA program and the best of South Africa.

P Pfalzer Line – means pigment, calving ease and good muscle. Excellent well balanced cattle, they have muscle but may not please your eye completely, so be patient, they will come around. Breed with K Kater blood, H blood, B Bison blood, K Kerl/Ibbie blood and you have the BIG 5 of South Africa. Hell, you all thought the Big 5 were animals, well, no it is these 5 power bloodlines. We at Bar 5 SA are adding in some E Eder, S Streik, some M Marbot and some G Gold to the mix – but we will not forget the Big 5. Sure, we will breed more and you will get it, but we will produce cattle with only a shot or two of the Big 5 and let you do the crossing. More on this in other footnotes.

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